Making Your Process a Success

Written by Patrick Lakin, National Sales Manager

Manufacturers often know they have a need for a mixer but are unsure of what specifically they need. At Admix, we look at the entire mixing system to help you come up with the right solution: 

  • What is the process (in terms of what ingredients do you have, what do you need to achieve, and how much time do you have in which to do it)? 
  • What vessel(s) do you have (in terms of geometry and batch volume)?  


Processes are typically either flow controlled, meaning product flow is essential to success, or shear controlled, meaning the dispersion of one ingredient or phase into another is essential to success, and this is critical to the mixer selection. 

With the details on your process and vessel, Admix can steer you to the right style of mixer to make your process a success – it could be our Rotosolver, which offers both high rates of fluid flow and a lot of shear, or one of our Rotomixx or Rotomaxx mixers that can provide flow with a lower amount of shear for more gentle mixing. The key is communication between you and the Admix team to dial into the right solution for your needs.  Contact us to get started!