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Admix Equipment | Lift Stands

Lift Stands for Batch Mixers

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We are pleased to offer industrial mixer lift stands, customized for any Admix in-tank batch mixer with a 112-bearing frame or smaller. Mixer lift stands feature:

  • heavy duty construction
  • 304 stainless steel; excellent corrosion resistance for hygienic applications
  • painted carbon steel; excellent for chemical applications
  • mobile or wall mount types
  • pneumatic or hydraulic lifting operation
  • tank covers
  • shaft guards
  • lock collar allows for setting repeatable mixer heights
  • purchase with a new Admix mixer or retrofit your existing Admix mixer


Mobile Lift Stands: For processors with a variety of mixing rooms, mix tanks or laboratories, Admix mobile lift stands can be conveniently transported throughout your plant. The units are supplied with high impact casters, two that are fixed and two that are swivel casters with braking capability for securely locking the stand in place. Floor levelers enable leveling the stand if necessary once it has been positioned for operation.

Wall Mount Lift Stands: Stationary, permanent lift stands are an excellent solution for processors who are utilizing portable tanks in their mixing operations.

Safety Features: Each mixer lift stand from Admix is supplied with a tank cover and shaft guard for operator safety. In addition, a lock collar is mounted to the cylinder rod on each stand which is for locating the lowest mixer height and preventing the lifting arms from dropping the mixer too low.



Download Datasheets

Mixer Lift Stands Datasheet (US)

Mixer Lift Stands Datasheet (EU)