Admix Equipment | Fastfeed® XP

Admix Equipment | Fastfeed® XP

Fastfeed XP Explosion Proof Powder Induction and Dispersion System

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The Admix Fastfeed XP explosion proof powder induction and dispersion system consistently delivers repeatable and reliable results. Available with flowrates that can produce large or small volume product runs with ease. With improved operator safety, ergonomic processing, and easy cleaning to minimize employee contact with materials, you can improve employee health and job satisfaction.

The Fastfeed XP delivers major process and safety improvements, such as:

  • Cutting batch times in half
  • Reducing energy consumption up to 70%
  • Eliminating dust and reducing air entrainment
  • Nema 7 control panel can be mounted on the unit, wall or mobile stand for maximum convenience
  • Safe for use in Class 1, Div 1 environments and locations
  • Single and double mechanical seals are available in multiple elastomer options, to meet your most challenging process requirements
  • It is CIP certified standard, for the fastest formula and product changeovers

The Fastfeed system inducts powder via vacuum directly into the shear zone, instantly dispersing, wetting and deagglomerating. Shear is produced in the system via the Dynashear inline mixer, which easily produces difficult emulsions and blends that are often required at the start of the process. Pigments, reactants, viscosity/rheology modifiers, fillers, extenders, matting agents, resins and polymers are dispersed at rates up to 500 pounds per minute, often completed in a single pass!

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