Fastfeed Specifications

The Fastfeed is unlike other powder induction systems, which typically rely on an eductor, venturi or negative pressure generated by a high-speed mix head. With two models available, the Fastfeed uses a high performance powder suction pump that vacuum conveys powders or solids inline up to 450 pounds per minute, including hard to handle gums, starches and carbomers. Designed to allow for continuous powder delivery even as the viscosity and solids level increases.

Sizing and Engineering Data

MODEL Pump HP/KW Mixer HP/kW Hopper Skid Fittings Dimensions In/MM (LxWxH)
FF-425 7.5 HP/5,5 kW @ 1800 RPM 7.5 HP/4 kW @ 3600 RPM 3.4 cubic ft 2"Ø sanitary inlet and outlet 60x33x37 / 1524x838x940
FF-575 15 HP/11,5 kW @ 1800 RPM 20 HP/15 kW @ 3600 RPM 3.4 cubic ft 2.5"Ø sanitary inlet 3"Ø sanitary outlet 71x45x38 / 1803x1143x965

Performance Table for Fastfeed Models FF-425 and FF-575

Examples of Typical Ingredient Type Powder Feed Rate (Lbs./Kg Per min.) Typical Maximum Concentration
FF-425 Model FF-575 Model  
Granulated (sugar / salt / phosphates) 175/80 375/170 70%
Dairy Powders (NFDM) 200/90 300/135 52%
Cocoa 90/40 135/60 35%
Soy, Carrageenan 75/35 160/72,5 10%
Cook Starches 110/50 165/75 45%
Natural Gums (i.e. pectin) and Stabilizers 30/13,5 60/27 6%
Carbomers, CMC 15/6,5 30/13,5 3.5%
Xanthan, Acacia, Guar Gums 15/6,5 30/13,5 3%

Fastfeed Powder Induction System

Standard Features

  • Powder hopper with vibrator
  • DynaShear high shear inlline mixer
  • Control panel for suction pump and DynaShear
  • Ergonmic table
  • Casters
  • Powder suction pump
  • Regulating valves
  • Vacuum gauge