Admix Equipment | Fastfeed® – How It Works

Admix Equipment | Fastfeed® – How It Works

How The Fastfeed Powder Induction and Dispersion System Works

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The Fastfeed combines the suction capability of a “vacuum pump” with the wetting out and shearing capabilities of a high speed emulsifier, all within a user friendly, ergonomic package.

  • Powder is fed into the hopper from bags or can be directly conveyed from the source though an optional wand attachment, bag dump or even a bulk delivery system
  • Powder bridging or rat holing is eliminated by the combination of the suction pump creating a constant vacuum within the flow stream, aided by a mechanical vibrator for more challenging ingredients
  • Once the powder is sucked in through the pump, instantaneous fluidization of the powder begins, and this slurry is quickly pumped through our Dynashear inline emulsifier, providing droplet and soft particle size reduction down to 4-5 microns upon exiting the unit
  • Powder feed rate is controlled through regulating valves on the inlet, ensuring that sticky gums, as well as free-flowing granules, disperse quickly and at the proper concentrations to prevent product slugs or premature hydration

Got a mixing challenge? Our application engineers can recommend a creative solution using the Fastfeed powder induction system. Get a free customized quote today.