Oil + Water = No Worries!

oil and water emulsificationMany of today’s beverages require processors to create oil and water emulsions. And these two substances get along like…well…oil and water.

Oil and water emulsions are typically made by adding the oil phase into a tank containing the water phase portion of the product and recirculating this mixture until the emulsion is complete. This takes time, entrains air, and often results in some of the oil phase getting “lost” in a large tank of water phase product.

Looking to produce tighter emulsions?

Our clients are producing tighter beverage emulsions faster than ever, with little or no air entrainment by inducting the oil inline into the water phase during recirculation with our Dynashear high speed emulsifier. Oil and water mixtures are immediately passed through the Dynashear, which instantly creates an emulsion in a single pass. The results? Emulsion droplet size is often smaller than previously achieved and in some cases, the Dynashear has even eliminated the use of high pressure homogenizers.

Think the Dynashear can improve your process? Whether it’s coconut oil, fruit or vegetable oils, or essential oils you’re mixing, we can help. Request a quote today!