Our mixers love snacks!

Contributed by George Nikolopoulos

Over the last 25 years, our mixers have been used to create snacks – a lot of snacks. From pastries to chocolaty confections to toppings, batters and pie fillings, we’ve seen it all!

baking mixing equipment

In the baking and confection industries, many Admix customers use our mixers to produce fillings for pastry.  The Boston Shearmill is used to reduce the size of fruit particulates and make fruit purees much finer. The Boston Shearmill can actually obliterate strawberry and raspberry seeds and make the filling so smooth that it often eliminates the often chronic problem of clogging depositors (the nozzles that applying the fruit filling onto the danish pastry).

The Rotosolver high shear mixer is used for making fillings as well, and it’s also very successful in making glazes, fondants and coatings (even pretzel coatings). The Rotosolver has been used extensively for rework. Toaster pastries, tortillas and even bread rolls have been pulverized in water to create a “mush,” then reworked into the fresh dough. This means that manufacturers never have to waste ingredients or contract farmers to haul it away, saving raw materials and money!

Fastfeed powder inductionAnother piece of equipment popular in the baking and confections industries is the Fastfeed powder induction system, which is often used to make glazes. The Fastfeed is used to disperse gums, starches, and yeast, and in reducing dusting when adding cocoa powder to make chocolate sauces. Other uses for our equipment include producing pie fillings, waffle batter, and toppings and incorporating new, difficult-to-disperse ingredients.

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