Small Scale Manufacturing… Guaranteed Scalability

Written by Ruston Sullivan, Regional Sales Manager

Often, we are asked to help bring a product formulation concept to the next level of small-scale manufacturing. Some come to us with a solid formula for their products, some are still formulating, but regardless of that, they all have the same concerns when it comes to manufacturing their product. Will they: 

  • make quality product consistently? 
  • produce product that doesn’t separate? 
  • create stable emulsions?  
  • fail on any of the above & lose $$?  

These are valid questions and we are eager to help. One manufacturer recently contacted us with these same concerns. Our recommended solution in most cases including this one, is to run their product on the Admix Benchmix benchtop lab mixer with either high shear or low shear mixing heads. In this case, the customer took advantage of our in-plant trial program. Once the trial unit arrived at their plant, product testing on the Benchmix began.  Within 30 minutes a batch of beautiful lotion was created, and it met every requirement and even exceeded expectations. Every test was successful and with the Admix guaranteed scalability, they purchased the laboratory unit on the spot! 

We can help you on your path to manufacturing, too! Contact us to learn about testing your ingredients in our lab (no cost to you) or an equipment trial at your own facility.