Shampoo Manufacturer Improves Process with Rotosolver Mixer

Written by George Nikolopoulos, Regional Sales Manager, Admix, Inc.

A startup company had issues dispersing mineral-based pigments in their various formulations.  Using conventional agitators, their products had visible streaks of color with batch-to-batch inconsistency.  Derived from all-natural, non-toxic ingredients, they manufactured salon-quality shampoos and conditioners in solid bar form. That’s right – in bar form!  No plastic bottles for these hair-care products, but biodegradable, zero-waste packaging instead.  The impetus for founding the company was to reduce the nearly half-billion plastic bottles tossed per year.

With forward thinking leadership, this company reached out to Admix, hoping for an Advanced Mixing Technology to improve upon their existing process.  This led to an on-site demonstration of our Rotosolver in-tank high shear mixer. Utilizing an optimal balance between shear and flow, the Rotosolver test resulted in batch-to-batch product consistency within a much shorter mix time.  The successful demo showed the founders a mixing technology that would make their product better, faster and consume less energy in the process. Contact us for a quote, an onsite Rotosolver test, or an equipment trial!