Resolving Whole Vessel Blending Issues

Written by Paul Marrone, International Sales Manager, Admix, Inc.

Processors who use storage tanks are generally using them to hold several batches of the same product, often at very large volumes. New mixed material is added to the storage tanks at intervals, while material is being removed at intervals as well for processing, so there could be a range of liquid levels over time. There could also be slight variations from batch to batch and sampling may not detect the variances depending on where the sensor is mounted, or the sample is taken.

If the vessel is not mixed properly, layers or areas with variable conditions can exist and settling or separation can occur. Tests or samples report conditions only in the area where the sample was taken. If the tank was not properly blended, all that is known are conditions at the time and area the sample was taken which is hardly useful. However, if the tank has been properly blended, test results can be more indicative of the entire volume. Admix specializes in engineering mixing equipment that has the correct amount of shear the correct amount of flow so there are no dead spots in the tank to worry about. If you’re experiencing insufficient mixing or dead spots, contact us for the solution!