Video: Replacing Dynashear Seal

Written by James Crowell, Field Service Engineer

Attention Dynashear customers!

Admix seals are built to withstand tough applications and washdowns, but as with any seal, they wear over time. When that time comes and the seal needs to be replaced, you want downtime to be as minimal as possible so production can be resumed quickly.  With the proper guidance, your own operators can replace the mechanical seal in a Dynashear inline mixer.  This will keep your downtime to an absolute minimum and save you money by not having to ship your Dynashear to Admix or have an Admix technician travel to your site to perform the replacement.

We’re here to help and that’s why we developed a video with step-by-step instructions to assist your maintenance personnel with the task.  Below is a link to our YouTube video but if preferred, we can send you a link to download the video or send it to you on a USB drive, as some companies do not allow access to YouTube (please request through James Crowell at or via phone at 1-800-466-2369).

Dynashear Mechanical Seal Replacement Video: This video provides step by step instructions for the disassembly of the Dynashear, installation of the seal, and reassembly. This video provides the basic principle to replace any of the Dynashear seals provided by Admix. As the seal is typically the weakest link for any rotating equipment, the video will be beneficial to your maintenance staff in providing step by step visual instruction on the process of disassembly, seal swap out, and re-assembly. This should help alleviate questions and expedite the seal replacement process.