Sauce Manufacturer Buys a Dynashear for Emulsifying

Written by Chip Nipps, Regional Sales Manager

One of our customers, Torchbearer Sauces, who makes a wide range of specialty sauces was looking for one piece of equipment to address a few issues. They wanted to:

  • enhance the color of garlic sauce without adding ingredients
  • further break down some fruit and vegetable particles that kept clogging fillers
  • emulsify their products as much as possible

Supported by our sales partner, NCK Equipment, Torchbearer decided to take a Dynashear® inline emulsifier on a trial basis. Here were the results…

  • Garlic Sauce: Making the product quickly and at an accurate temperature was essential. Running the garlic sauce through the Dynashear, recirculating it just three times in minutes, gave them the lighter shade of color they were looking for!
  • Pineapple Sauce: The larger chunks were instantly reduced. The Dynashear emulsified the product and prevented fillers from getting clogged.
  • Pepper Sauce: They were unexpectedly pleased because the finished product hit their target consistency, yielding more product per batch!

At the close of the Dynashear equipment trial period, the sauce manufacturer was eager to keep it for production. They happily purchased the trial unit and have had no issues. Every product they run through the Dynashear meets its flavor and consistency targets! Since they use the Dynashear for multiple sauces, they even learned how to swap out the stators depending on how fine of an emulsion they require. Are you looking to solve a mixing challenge? Contact us for the solution!