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Rotomixx Specifications

The Rotomixx series of stainless steel mixers are available in two (2) basic configurations:

Model 100RXD 100RXG
Drive Type Direct Helical gear reduction
Output Speed (RPM) 1750 235 to 851
Maximum Motor Frame 145TC 145TC
Mounting Arrangement Flange, C-Clamp, and Tri-Clamp Type Ferrule Flange, C-Clamp, and  Tri-Clamp Type Ferrule
Shaft Engagement (inches) 5" 5"
Shaft Diameter (inches) 1" and 1.25" 1" and 1.25"
Maximum Shaft Length (inches) 48" 84"
Approximate Weight (lbs.) 75 to 115 105 to 160
Tri-Clamp® is a registered trademark of Tri-Clover, Inc.

Typical Rotomixx Performance

Rotomixx mixers can be used in many applications* a few of which include:

Rotomixx Selection Table

Volume in gallons; gear drive performance at 350 RPM.

*For reference only. Please request information for your specific needs. 

Impeller Specifications

Direct drive Models (RXD)

  • MaxiFoils™ - Standard high-speed impeller features three (3) wide-blade foils designed with a steep pitch for maximum flow within small tank diameters. Available with set screws, set bolts, or welded to shaft.
  • J-Style Propellers - For sanitary conditions, featuring threaded connection, three (3) high-efficiency blades contoured for superior flow. Similar power draw to MaxiFoils, but with 25% more pumping capacity and #4 polished surfaces.

Gear drive Models (RXG)

  • Jetfoils™ - Standard low-speed impeller features three-blade foils designed for maximum efficiency (our lowest power-draw design). Available with set screws, set bolts, or welded to the shaft.