Admix Equipment | Rotomixx® CX Specifications

Admix Equipment | Rotomixx® CX Specifications

Rotomixx CX Specifications

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The Rotomixx series of stainless steel mixers are available in two (2) basic configurations:

Model 100RXD 100RXG
Drive Type Direct Helical gear reduction
Output Speed (RPM) 1750 235 to 851
Maximum Motor Frame 145TC 145TC
Mounting Arrangement Flange, C-Clamp, and Tri-Clamp Type Ferrule Flange, C-Clamp, and  Tri-Clamp Type Ferrule
Shaft Engagement (in. / mm) 5 in. / 127mm 5 in. / 127mm
Shaft Diameter (in. / mm) 1 in. and 1.25 in. / 25mm and 32mm 1 in. and 1.25 in. / 25mm and 32 mm
Maximum Shaft Length (in. / mm) 48 in. / 1219mm 84 in. / 2134mm
Approximate Weight (lbs. / kg) 75 to 115 lbs. / 34 to 52 kg 105 to 160 lbs. / 48 to 73 kg

Tri-Clamp® is a registered trademark of Tri-Clover, Inc.

Typical Rotomixx Performance

Rotomixx mixers can be used in many applications* a few of which include:

Rotomixx Selection Table

Volume in gallons; gear drive performance at 350 RPM.

*For reference only. Please request information for your specific needs.

Impeller Specifications

Direct drive Models (RXD)

  • MaxiFoils™ – Standard high-speed impeller features three (3) wide-blade foils designed with a steep pitch for maximum flow within small tank diameters. Available with set screws, set bolts, or welded to shaft.
  • J-Style Propellers – For sanitary conditions, featuring threaded connection, three (3) high-efficiency blades contoured for superior flow. Similar power draw to MaxiFoils, but with 25% more pumping capacity and #4 polished surfaces.

Gear drive Models (RXG)

  • Jetfoils™ – Standard low-speed impeller features three-blade foils designed for maximum efficiency (our lowest power-draw design). Available with set screws, set bolts, or welded to the shaft.