Admix Equipment | Rotomixx® CX

Admix Equipment | Rotomixx® CX

Rotomixx CX Portable Low-Shear Batch Mixer

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Rotomixx impellers combine over 30 years of hydrofoil blade technology into three distinct, high performance designs, including our 3-blade Jetfoil, our marine-style J Prop, and our unique wide blade Maxifoil. These are designed to provide up to 200% more flow per horsepower over conventional turbine impellers. Our standard construction on this mixer for shaft and impeller are all 316 SS. Available as a direct drive up to 1750 RPM or gear drive down to 235 RPM.

The Rotomixx was one of the first all-stainless portable mixers, and it continues to be a leader in the industry. It is available as a portable clamp mount, a fixed mount (for flange, nozzle or baseplate installations), and as a sanitary ferrule mount for easy-off installations. Our flagship Rotomixx is known for its ease of installation, cost effectiveness and low maintenance design. Contact us for more info.

Let our application engineers give you a customized mixing solution or have your ingredient tested for free in our pilot lab.

The Rotomixx CX Design Advantage

• Mounting options range from heavy duty clamps to flanges (Admix standard or ANSI)
• Available from 1 /2 to 3 HP for 50 to 6,000 gallon tanks
• Replaces outdated painted portable mixers
• Optional custom impellers and attachment methods are available based on your requirements
• Bearing frame has a washdown design for Chemical Process Industries
• Easy to disassemble shaft

How It Works

The Rotomixx portable agitator’s operation is similar to that of other top-entry agitators where a motor provides power to drive a shaft, and a bearing frame provides support for the motor, coupling, and shaft. At the end of the shaft there is a device for pumping fluid, typically a propeller or impeller consisting of 3 or 4 blades attached to a central hub. The combination of the speed of the shaft rotation and the orientation and type of blades pump the fluid or liquid into which the impeller is immersed.

All Rotomixx units provide superior axial pumping rates with minimal power usage over conventional agitators through the use of our Jetfoil and Maxifoil designs. They are also available with our J-style prop for significantly improved flow without increased power usage compared to traditional marine-style propellers.



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