Admix Equipment | Rotofoil® – How It Works

Admix Equipment | Rotofoil® – How It Works

How The Admix Rotofoil Works

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The Rotofoil low shear agitator achieves its high efficiency through its optimized blade design:

Graduated width – the blade is slim at the tip where the speed is greatest, and wider at the base where the speed is lowest. This shape results in uniform flow across the impeller diameter.

The twist the twist in the ROTOFOIL blade decreases evenly from the inner hub out toward the tip. The twist is carefully proportioned to avoid turbulence anywhere on the blade.

The arc – the arc, or radius, has two functions:

  • To provide a low angle of attack at the leading edge while allowing the trailing edge to direct powerful currents downward
  • The arc strengthens the blade, making it four times stronger. Because the Rotofoil impeller is manufactured with a lighter material, it weigh only about one-third that of a traditional impeller of the same diameter. In addition, the blade is 50% thinner, further contributing to reduced power consumption.