Replacement Motor Considerations

No matter what, you eventually need a replacement motor for your process equipment. A very important thing to consider is the weep holes on new motors. Most washdown duty motors, whether stainless steel or white epoxy coated, have weep holes that are designed to allow condensation that collects inside the motor to drain out.

Most motor manufacturers plug several of the weep holes prior to shipping them, leaving open only the ones that allow drainage when the motor is in a horizontal position like on a centrifugal or positive displacement (PD) pump. Extreme care needs to be taken if installing a replacement motor in a vertical position, typical for Marinade / Brine mixers or conveyors.  If the plugs are not correct when you use a motor in the shaft up or down position, the condensation will collect in the motor bearing and cause premature motor failure. In addition, in many cases the condensation will migrate down into your mixer bearing frame and conveyor gearboxes causing failure there as well.

Because our Marinade / Brine mixers have a sealed bearing frame design coupled with a breather, we have verified with our motor suppliers that it is best to plug all the weep holes when using replacement motors on Admix top entry mixers. Unsure if that is an issue for you? Our Service Team is happy to help.

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