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Explore this page to see how ourinnovative meat processing equipment designs enable producers around the world to cut batch times in half, reduce downtime, and lower your total cost of ownership.

You’ll also learn how our comprehensive mixing equipment services like free lab testing, a robust trial pool, and guaranteed scale-up ensure that your product is produced to spec and goes to market faster.

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Featured Products and Services

Rotosolver RXRS high shear mixer – with its simplified design, the RXRS delivers the highest rate of ingredient functionality for meat, poultry, pork, and fish applications while reducing maintenance costs. The RXRS meets the demand for heavier, thicker marinades and glazes and can increase yields up to 6% and ensure full ingredient functionality. Download the datasheet here.


Optifeed-EZ powder induction system – designed to handle higher viscosity brines and marinades, the Optifeed EZ’s design uses vacuum pump technology instead of eductors to create con

sistent powder feed rates even as viscosity changes, which maximizes yields and ingredient functionality.

Operational benefits include:

• Air-actuated powder valve and powder-dumping at waist level improves operator ergonomics
• Single switch that opens and closes the powder valve
• Fixed powder feed rates that are optimized for key brine/marinade ingredients
• Limited need for operator decision-making or equipment adjustment

Admix also offers high shear brine make-up mixers designed to wet out and incorporate gums, spices, and other solids. Our stainless sanitary batch mixers are ideal for suspending and holding a brine and marinade slurry after make-up and pre-pumping to injectors or tumblers, especially with non-dissolving ingredients that quickly separate and settle.

Admix pre-/post-sale services– whether you send us a sample for complimentary lab testing, unlimited on-site testing at your plant, or need an in-plant audit or spare parts, we’re here to help. Before and after the sale, Admix has programs that allow you to test new ingredients, formulas, and applications and extend the life of your mixer in order to lower your total cost of owner