Paints and Coatings Process Improvement

A Paints and Coatings manufacturer came to Admix looking for an effective high shear mixing solution to help their process. Their business was growing and demands for higher quality product and shorter manufacturing times required a review of their process.

After evaluating the process, we introduced the Admix Dynashear® as a solution. This in-line, high shear portable mixer could handle processing the material in conjunction with their existing high-speed disperser.  An on-site trial demonstrated the quality of the Paints and Coatings mixture was at a Hegman 5-6 with the Dynashear, which was a significant improvement. Now they do not have to send these materials to a media mill for further processing thus, removing a lengthy milling manufacturing step and additional equipment cleaning and maintenance. The Dynashear takes only about 15 minutes to clean up! Its high tip speed capabilities and high product throughput ensures that batches can be processed quickly and consistently, batch to batch!

The manufacturer was able to substantially reduce its capital investment due to purchasing just two Dynashear units.  We were happy to help!  When you need a cost-effective mixing solution, we’re here to think outside the box with you!