One Size Fits All Mixer

Remember the last time you heard the phrase “One Size Fits All?”  It very likely produced a skeptical response along the lines of “Yeah, right!”

We have good news, Admix does have a “One Size Fits All Mixer!”  Honest!

Our Fastfeed® Powder Induction and Dispersion technology make batches as small as 30 gallons to as large as 30,000 gallons. 

All you have to do is follow these simple steps: 

      1. Connect the one-size-fits-all Fastfeed to any size tank and add liquid to the tank.
      2. Start the Fastfeed to recirculate the liquid.
      3. Add powder (and/or liquid) ingredients to the Fastfeed hopper – the ergonomic table enables you to do this from the safety of floor level!

The Fastfeed system inducts, wets, and disperses ingredients up to 450 lbs/min which means batch times are commonly cut in half! Since all mixing is accomplished inline, all ingredients are wetted and dispersed in a single pass, compliments of our robust, high speed Dynashear inline disperser/emulsifier that is integrated into the Fastfeed skid. 

We speak the truth.  One size does fit all…really!  Contact us on the web or call us any time to learn more: 1-800-466-2369 / 1-603-627-2340 or in Europe at +45 (3213) 8743.