Mixer Size Misperceptions

Written by Paul Marrone, Emission Control Market Manager

An Admix customer needed agitators for suspending their catalyst slurry. In addition to our quote, they requested a competitor quote. The competition quoted a 15 HP (11 kw) agitator. Admix quoted a 1/3 HP (0.25 kw) Rotofoil mixer.

The Rotofoil looked tiny compared to the competitor’s offering; their gearbox alone looked like a refrigerator! The perception was that the Admix selection was puny as compared to the other mixer, so they were afraid to even start our mixer. The local Admix representative and our Admix sales manager convinced the customer to try running the Rotofoil; they agreed to run it on water. The flow generated in the tank looked good. This prompted them to run our mixer on their product. It worked great and they haven’t looked back!

The Rotofoil model selected for this application was successful, and it only took 1/45 the power compared to the competition’s selection! Why does the Rotofoil work so well? The unique characteristics of the impeller blades results in uniform flow and minimal turbulence without having to use unnecessary kilowatts.

In summary, it doesn’t matter what the Admix mixer looks like to be as effective as our competitors. What matters is that when we size mixers for our customers, we provide a process warranty and stand behind it. If we say it will work, it will work!