How Processors of Hand Sanitizer are Mixing Carbomer

Written by Patrick Lakin, National Sales Manager

Covid-19 has greatly impacted manufacturing companies in a variety of ways. Increased demand for hand sanitizers, for example, has forced manufacturers of these products to find ways to quickly increase output, while some manufacturers of other products have completely pivoted their production focus to produce hand sanitizers for the first time.

Admix has been able to help customers meet these increased demands by supplying mixing technology that makes processing faster, better, and safer. Here’s how:

  • The Admix Fastfeed™ powder induction and dispersion system is being used to induct and incorporate carbomers for hand sanitizer. Our standard unit is being used to prepare a premix slurry of carbomer and water, and our explosion proof unit may be used to induct and disperse carbomer into alcohol. Induction rates of 10 to 30 lbs. (5 to 14 kg) per minute are achievable.
  • The Admix Rotosolver® in-tank high shear mixer is being used to disperse and fully hydrate carbomers in under 10 minutes of mix time, with no agglomerates or fisheyes.
  • The Admix Dynashear® in-line high shear disperser is being used either for mixing via recirculation from a batch tank or as a finisher to clean up poor mixing from in-tank mixing technology that was not originally specified to handle carbomer dispersions and blending of higher viscosity liquids.

For any batch volume, from 5-gallon pails to tens of thousands of gallons in a single production run, Admix has what you need. Let us know how we can help you by making your processes faster, better, and safer.