Ingredients | Gelatin & Pectin

Ingredients | Gelatin & Pectin

Mixing Equipment for Dispersing Gelatin

Admix has broad experience with gelling agents including gelatin, pectin and carrageenan. Gelatin and pectin are commonly used in the production of confectionsbakery fillings and icings, jams, jellies, marshmallow products, meat preserves, flavored milks, and some fruit drinks.

In the past, it was often necessary to premix hydrocolloids with other inert powders such as sugar to act as a dispersant. In addition, temperature of the fluid at time of dispersing and hydration are important factors to consider.

With the high shear of the Rotosolver or Dynashear, there is virtually no need to premix with solids and less concern with temperature. Although temperature always affects viscosity, Admix equipment ensures complete and quick dispersion and allows hydration to proceed. For a typical gummy confection with a 7 – 9% gelatin concentration, conventional agitators can take over 90 minutes to properly hydrate, whereas the Rotosolver provides complete hydration in 10 minutes or less by fully activating every individual particle in the mix.

Rotosolver dispersers are in service in hundreds of processing lines using gelling agents and provide high shear rates to reduce and separate pectin or gelatin particles to prevent fisheyes and balling.