Admix Equipment | Dynashear® Options

Admix Equipment | Dynashear® Options

Dynashear Inline Emulsifier Options

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Model Options

  • DS-215 (lab scale)
  • DS-425
  • DS-575
  • NEW! DS-850

Mechanical Seal Options

  • Balanced single mechanical seal, sanitary design
  • Balanced double mechanical seal with ports for barrier fluid, includes external flow control device for barrier fluid
  • Both seals utilize an interchangeable cassette design, enabling rapid seal repair or conversion without removal from the process line
  • Lab scale model has a single seal only

Other Options

  • Stator options: Coarse (21 slots), Standard (36 slots), Fine (68 slots)
  • Casters for better mobility
  • Special ports
  • Lab scale model (DS-215) is mounted to a cart and includes a VFD