Admix Equipment | Diamix™ CX

Admix Equipment | Diamix™ CX

Diamix CX Enclosed System Designed for Dispersion & Dissolving

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The Diamix is a highly efficient enclosed mixing system that will disperse, dissolve, and homogenize both high and low viscosities in addition to thixotropic liquids. The enclosed tank system consists of a Diaf Dissolver with a high shear dispersion mix head, an anchor type agitator with spring-loaded scrapers, and an optional screw conveyor.

The Diamix is backed with 100+ years of experience designing proven mixing technologies for manufacturers of paints, varnishes, coatings, and other chemical-based products. It is constructed of the highest quality materials and offers a robust, sturdy design to provide many decades of superior performance.

Diamix Featured Benefits

  • Excellent dispersion at low energy consumption
  • Integrated design reduces the production time
  • Enclosed construction with connections and manhole in the top
  • Easy emptying of tank with centrally placed outlet at the bottom
  • Hydraulic pump system for lifting/lowering
  • Includes operator controls (Operator stand is optional)
  • Auto-overload control
  • Produce high viscosity and heat-sensitive products without problems
  • Vapor and dust reduced to a minimum
  • Top mounted anchor mixer without bottom fixation
  • Scrapers made of Teflon
  • Easy to install, operate, and maintain


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