Life is skittles and life is beer

Written by George Nikolopoulos, Regional Sales Manager

“Spring is here, ah Sah-pah-ring is here! Life is skittles and life is beer . . .” as goes the song. Although, technically the start of Spring is in March, here in New England it’s after Memorial Day when we traditionally put away our snow shovels! And with Spring leading into Summer, that means warm weather fun, cookouts, barbeques and good times.

Did you know that much of the food we enjoy at these cookouts have been made better, faster and cheaper with Admix equipment? For example, do you like ketchup on your burgers? The Boston Shearmill is used in the industry for improving the texture of the tomato paste in ketchup, making it thicker, smoother and shinier. The Boston Shearmill is also used for making individually wrapped cheese slices smooth. For BBQ sauce, both Rotosolvers and Boston Shearmills are used to make a better product. 

Nothing says summer for kids like ice cream and freeze pops! Our Rotosolver and Fastfeed products are used to disperse and hydrate the ingredients quickly for making freeze pops. For ice cream, ingredients like milk powder and the stabilizers that prevent crystal formation are made smooth with our in-tank Rotosolver mixers and in-line Dynashear dispersers. And don’t forget making s’mores at the fire pit. Marshmallows have Rotosolvers mixing the gelatin solutions for improving mixing and shortening mix times. 
Just think what your summers would be like without the ingredients that make summer memorable. Admix equipment makes the products that make the memories of the things we love.  

We’re here to help so if you’re developing a food, beverage or sunscreen for your summertime product lines, contact us for help on which Admix equipment would work best for your particular application!