Case Study: Candy & Confection Processing

Rick Earley - Tuesday, March 03, 2015
A candy confection manufacturer was experiencing trouble with certain recipes. They could not disperse pectin, starch and citric acid into water fast enough with their conventional agitators. Not only did this process take about an hour, there were still lumps and clumps in the mix tank.

Consequently, fisheyes continually clogged the screens and strainers leading to the next step in the process. The clogged screens required downtime to clean the screens and to discard off-spec product. This also adversely affected the quality of the final product, requiring constant adjustment to the process and recipe.

Fortunately, the manufacturer's sister facility was not experiencing these same processing challenges. It turns out, the sister facility was using the high shear Rotosolver on their 100-gallon tanks. These mixers reduced batch time to 10 minutes or less and the powders were fully hydrated with no clumps. The weekly inspections of the screens and strainers found them clean. Also, production yields were 100% because the recipe was not altered by lost powders on the screens. No more wasted ingredients or out-of-spec product!

The manufacturer recognized these results and immediately installed Rotosolvers at the under-performing facility, and it is now processing as efficiently as the sister plant.

Bottom line? No more long mix times for batches, no more clogged filters, no more off-spec product, no more wasted ingredients. In addition, there is no more holding up production with downtime for cleaning screens or strainers. Yields improved to the same levels for both plants. The payback was less than three months!

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