Collegiate Creamery Buys a Fastfeed

Written by Ruston Sullivan, Regional Sales Manager

A large collegiate creamery that produces a wide range of ice cream flavors and other dairy products, recently ordered a Fastfeed™ powder induction & dispersion system for their processing needs. They needed help with improving batch inconsistencies and product quality. And, because their current process involved lifting, carrying, and dumping heavy ingredient bags into their tank, they needed a more efficient way of incorporating key ingredients like stabilizers, emulsifiers, and cocoa powder.

With our long-standing success with ice cream processors around the globe, we knew that our Fastfeed was the best solution. Its waist-height worktable, powder suction pump, high shear emulsifier and typical powder induction rates of 3 – 400 lbs. per minute, would greatly improve their process. Not only would they be able to safely induct powder from floor level thus eliminating carrying and dumping heavy bags to the top of their tank, but once the system inducts ingredients, the integrated Dynashear® takes over, immediately wetting out and evenly dispersing the powders.

The technology on the Fastfeed system can drastically reduce batch times and produce quality product every time. If you’re looking for ways to improve your batching process, we have the solution. We stand by ready to assist!