Admix Equipment | Benchmix® – How it Works

Admix Equipment | Benchmix® – How it Works

How The Benchmix Works

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Benchmix Lab Mixer: The precision scale of our high shear lab mixer heads allows for complete validation, process qualifications and Q/C analysis of pharmaceuticals, food components, and cosmetic formulations.

Designed with a simple to operate touchscreen interface, the Benchmix can provide shaft speeds up to 12,000 RPM and its 3 HP motor delivers unmatched power, performance and scalability.

Benchmix high shear lab mixers provide a digital display of tip speed, mixing intensity and pumping rates, allowing the operator to qualify and validate the process with as little as 1-10 liters (0.5-2.5 gallons), while providing the guidelines necessary to scale up to larger volumes.