Admix Equipment | Benchmix® 10 – How it Works

Admix Equipment | Benchmix® 10 – How it Works

How The Benchmix 10 Works

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Benchmix 10 Lab Mixer: With our patented Rotosolver mix head, powders are immediately drawn into the mixing head from above and below. The resultant flow creates vigorous fluid motion, pulling materials and powders from the top of the tank surface (typically the toughest to disperse). Materials and powders are instantaneously exposed to shear surfaces where materials are mechanically ripped apart (dispersed).

Pressure, created by two counter-current streams forces material out the side slots of the Rotosolver head, where the resulting radial streams are subjected to further mechanical shear, as material passes through the edges of the slots in the chamber wall.

High flow ensures there are no dead spots in the mixing container, and powders are wetted out and agglomerate-free in under 10 minutes!

Designed with a simple to operate touchscreen interface, the Benchmix 10 can provide shaft speeds up to 9,300 RPM and delivers power, performance and scalability.