March Video Madness - Four New Admix Videos!

Jonelle Rexenes - Thursday, March 21, 2019

In case you missed our newsletter announcements, we've been releasing new videos all month long at our freshly revamped video page. Here's a recap of the four new videos: 

Admix Corporate Overview

Whether you need batch or continuous mixers, powder induction & dispersion, wet mills or static mixers, Admix can help!


Our Rotosolver product is the industry's leading high shear mixer. No other in-tank mixer on the market mixes and disperses powder faster or more effectively! Lab to full scale sizes available.


The Fastfeed features a high shear / high speed disperser and a waist-height table. It instantly & completely wets out and disperses powders inline!

Boston Shearmill®

This high intensity wet mill & homogenizer is your heavy duty solution for reducing particle size, improving product quality and increasing yields!

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