The Importance of Shaft Straightening

Have you noticed some vibrations coming from your mixer? 

Have you recently rebuilt your mixer? 

If you answered yes to either question, it’s very important that you check shaft straightness.

Shaft straightening is a crucial part of maintaining your mixer. Having a straight shaft helps to increase the life of other critical components of the mixer such as the bearings.

Operating a mixer with a bent shaft can unfortunately result in catastrophic failure. If not corrected it will continue to worsen until it fails resulting in damage to major components.

We recommend checking shaft straightness periodically and after each mixer rebuild. We now have an instructional video for your reference, or you can refer to the shaft straightening section in the manual that was provided with your mixer purchase. The 10-minute video includes step-by-step instructions for straightening an Admix mixer shaft.

The video also includes important information regarding maximum allowable total indicator run-out (T.I.R,), tolerances and more. We also offer on-site training for your maintenance personnel. Shaft straightening is a big part of this training program. If you need assistance or additional details, please do not hesitate to contact the Customer Service department online or call us at 800-466-2369 / 1-603-627-2340.