Admix “Beefs Up” Its Meat and Poultry Processing Equipment Line-Up

Admix is unveiling its latest line of products that specifically caters to the meat and poultry industry at the 2016 International Production and Processing Expo this month.

Admix is focused on several products designed to solve key issues within the meat and poultry industry. All our products are constructed of stainless steel and meet stringent 3-A compliance and clean-in-place standards, standing up in the toughest washdown environments. Plus our broad experience mixing diverse ingredients like salts, phosphates, spices, soys, starches, and honey means that processors enjoy the highest rate of ingredient functionality for every batch.

Designed specifically for meat and poultry processors, the Rotosolver RXRS completely wets out and disperses starches, proteins, and other difficult-to-hydrate ingredients. Plus its larger high-shear mix head provides 100% dispersion of powders in under 10 minutes.

Combining the proven high-shear technology of the Rotosolver with an easy-to-maintain bearing frame design and reduced RPM, the RXRS advantages include lower overall operating costs, improved process results, and reduced energy consumption.

Complementing the Rotosolver RXRS, the Admix Fastfeed powder feed and dispersion system ensures the consistent dispersion of dry ingredients into marinade and brine preparation tanks. This product handles higher viscosity challenges of newer, natural ingredients while integrating in-tank shear. The Fastfeed delivers

 powder at controlled feed rates up to 160 pounds per minute, and deagglomerates and hydrates the toughest ingredients with 100% dispersion of difficult powders guaranteed.

Fastfeed benefits include:

  • Decreased batch times and reduced labor and ingredient costs
  • Less maintenance downtime
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Ergonomic design to reduce the risk of operator injury
  • Increased batch consistency
  • Less air entrainment due to single pass dispersions

Rounding out the Admix meat and poultry equipment line-up is the new OptiFeed EZ. Like the Fastfeed, this atmospheric feed system can handle thicker marinades with higher viscosities, along with the challenges of newer, natural ingredients. Its optimized powder feed rates produce maximum yields, and its updated design makes it operator-friendly and easier to use.

With over 25 years of experience, Admix continues to innovate in this market and our mantra has become ‘our lab is your lab,’ thanks to our 5,000 square-foot pilot test lab where we work across all types of ingredients, applications, and processes. Admix is excited to connect – and reconnect – with meat and poultry processors in 2016 and to continue to solve their mixing challenges.

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