The Meat & Poultry Industry

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Most meat and poultry mixing applications involve a brine, pickle, cure or marinade using salt, phosphates and a combination of spices, hydrocolloids, or honey, acting as flavoring, binding or emulsifying agents. Some ingredients provide antimicrobial capability while others use encapsulation technology to release their functionality over time. 

High shear mixer for meat and poultry processors

Since 1989, Admix has led the meat processing industry with continuous innovation in mixing equipment with products like the Rotosolver RXRS, which provides the highest rate of ingredient functionality for meat and poultry applications while drastically reducing maintenance.

Not only does the RXRS meet the demand for heavier, thicker marinades and glazes, it often provides yield increases between 2-6% by ensuring full ingredient functionality.

Admix also offers Brine Room Technology which includes high shear brine make-up mixers designed to wet out and incorporate gums, spices and other solids. Our stainless sanitary batch mixers are ideal for suspending and holding a brine and marinade slurry after make-up and pre-pumping to injectors or tumblers, especially with all of the non-dissolving ingredients being used today that quickly separate and settle.

In addition to the RXRS, our Fastfeed system for meat and poultry processors provides inline simultaneous powder induction (up to 160 lbs/minute) and dispersion for any size batch. This system applies high shear inline and existing tanks simply act as slow speed holding tanks, no longer requiring in-tank high shear mixers.

Meat and Poultry Processing FAQs