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The Meat & Poultry Industry

High shear mixer for meat and poultry processors

Most meat and poultry mixing applications involve a brine, pickle, cure or marinade using salt, phosphates and a combination of spices, hydrocolloids, honey, or gums, acting as flavoring, binding or emulsifying agents. Some ingredients provide antimicrobial capability while others use encapsulation technology to release their functionality over time. 

Admix leads the commercial meat processing equipment with products like the Rotosolver RXRS, which provides the highest rate of ingredient functionality for meat and poultry applications. 

Not only does the RXRS meet the demand for heavier, thicker marinades and glazes, it often provides yield increases between 2-6%.

Admix also offers Brine Room Technology which includes high shear brine make-up mixers designed to wet out and incorporate gums, spices and other solids. Our stainless sanitary batch mixers are ideal for suspending and holding a brine slurry after make-up and pre-pumping to injectors or tumblers.

In addition to the RXRS, our Fastfeed system for meat and poultry processors provides inline simultaneous powder induction (up to 160 lbs/minute) and dispersion for any size batch. This system applies high shear inline and existing tanks simply act as slow speed holding tanks, no longer requiring in-tank high shear mixers.

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Meat and Poultry Processing FAQs

Meat and poultry processing equipmentHow can I lower my overall cost of mixer ownership and reduce my downtime with simplified maintenance?
The Rotosolver RXRS is designed specifically for meat & poultry processors. It combines the Rotosolver high shear mixing technology with a low maintenance bearing frame.  The sealed drive assembly eliminates water intrusion and stands up to the toughest washdown environments.

brine solution has only salt, phosphates, honey, and spices. Do I need high shear? 
The high shear Rotosolver always provides a faster, more consistent blend, and will totally dissolve phosphates in 1-2 minutes. The Rotomixx low shear portable agitator works well also, but takes 15-30 minutes and may leave a slight residue.

My new poultry marinade has soy protein isolates which tend to float and form fisheyes. Can Admix prevent this? The Rotosolver forms a substantial vortex which quickly sucks in powders that tend to float. The high shear head will then quickly disperse the particles and eliminate fisheyes.

We want to increase moisture retention and yields with carrageenan and food starch. Can Admix equipment process them as easily as soy protein? The Rotosolver is extremely effective in quickly dispersing cellulose gums, and promotes excellent hydration of gum to maximize viscosity control and functionality.

RotoMAXX II low shear agitatorWe only need agitation (not shear) to keep our brine in suspension after we make it up, and before we draw it off to pump to the injectors. What does Admix have for this? Once brine is made, it should be pumped to a second tank for suspension and holding until pumped to injectors or tumblers. Our RotoMAXX II can be used to suspend brine in tanks with capacities up to 60,000 gallons.

The USDA inspector tagged our painted mixers due to paint chipping off of frames and motors. Can you help?
All Admix mixers, including Rotosolver or Rotomixx, feature a completely paint- and corrosion-free design that uses all stainless steel components and meets USDA-AMS specifications.

We handle over 2000 lbs of phosphates a day with our brine. Is there an ergonomic way to get this into solution faster than dumping 50-lb bags?  The Optifeed OES-VPI powder induction system features a large hopper to feed powders ergonomically at ground level, eliminating the need to climb. Powder feed rates up to 150 lbs/minute are achieved even as viscosity builds with thicker glazes and marinades.

We want to produce a high quality meat emulsion from leftover trimmings and chicken parts. What does Admix offer?  The Boston Shearmill will grind, chop and emulsify trimmings and other parts to a smooth consistency down to 1 micron ensuring cohesiveness and stability.

Fastfeed powder induction system for meat and poultry processorsWe make various size batches and also experience maintenance issues with our in-tank high shear mixers. How can you help?  Our Fastfeed for meat and poultry provides inline simultaneous powder induction (up to 160 lbs/minute) and dispersion for any size batch. The high shear is applied inline and tanks act as slow speed "hold" tank mixers, no longer requiring in-tank high shear mixers.