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In-tank Batch Mixing

High Shear Batch Mixers | Low Shear Agitators

Admix offers in-tank sanitary batch mixers for every industry and ingredient. Our high shear mixing portfolio offers CIP, 3-A compliant high shear mixers like our flagship Rotosolver mixer, as well as the Rotostat emulsifier and BenchMix benchtop lab mixer. 

Looking for low shear batch mixing? Check out our large capacity RotoMAXX II agitator or the portable Rotomixx.

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Not sure which equipment is right for your process?

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High Shear Batch Mixers

Rotosolver High Shear Mixer Rotostat High Shear Emulsifier BenchMix benchtop lab mixer
Rotosolver Rotostat High Shear Emulsifier BenchMix Benchtop Lab Mixer
High Shear Mixer High Shear Emulsifier Benchtop Lab Mixers

Rotomaxx High Torque Mixer RotoMAXX II
Rotomixx Portable Tote Agitator
Rotomaxx High Torque Sanitary Mixer RotoMAXX II High Torque Sanitary Agitator
Rotomixx Portable Tote Agitator
High Torque Mixer Low Speed, Large Capacity Agitator Rotomixx Portable Mixer