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The Dairy Industry

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Dairy Processing

Today's dairy processors produce more products than ever before, often requiring two aisles in the grocery store to present their full range of products. Dairy production involves vitamin and mineral fortification, milk solids content control, salt and sugar dissolution, and emulsification.

The innovative design of our dairy mixing equipment like the RotosolverBoston Shearmill and DynaShear enables dairy producers around the world to cut batch times in half, reduce maintenance costs, and eliminate air entrainment and dusting associated with conventional batch mixers.

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Featured Dairy Processing Videos

See how the Rotosolver high shear mixer quickly and efficiently creates a smooth slurry from carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC), a popular agent used to reduce crystallization in ice cream.


Dairy Processing FAQs

My process requires adding powders to milk to produce cultured products. How can I make the process more efficient? 
Admix Fastfeed allows powder induction and dispersion from the safety of floor level at lightning speed, with no recirculation loop required. One pass through the Fastfeed and you've made your culture base smoother, with less air entrainment, and saved up to 50% in energy consumption.

How can I eliminate those troublesome "smoothing discs" from my yogurt or sour cream/dip process?
Admix DynaShear delivers the perfect finishing touch for any cultured product without back pressure build up. From yogurts to dips to sour cream, dial in perfect texture without slowing down the transfer rate to your filler.

My inline strainers upstream of my HTST balance tank require constant cleaning, how can I eliminate this?
Install the DynaShear in front of your strainers and they will remain clean all day. You also get smoother, thicker product since 100% of the functionality of the ingredients are realized.

How can I eliminate daily flushouts due to build up in my HTST plate heat exchangers?

The DynaShear inline disperser installed upstream of the HTST balance tank ensures complete dispersion of powders, gums, and stabilizers with no more lumps or graininess.  It allows for longer run times without having to CIP due to build up/burn on in the plate heat exchanger thereby reducing water and CIP chemical usage.

I need to reduce my batch times. Do you have equipment that can address this?
Fastfeed eliminates multiple premix batches and recirculation loops. It inducts and disperses powders, even stabilizers and gums in a single pass to produce smooth, uniform, lump-free product every time, delivered directly into your blend tank. It has been used do decrease batch times by up to 50% in some cases. See the Fastfeed powder induction system in action.

Eliminating Fisheyes and Agglomerates

How can I minimize dust when wetting and dispersing powdered ingredients into batch tanks?
The Fastfeed powder induction and dispersion system can process any size batch with all mixing completed inline in a single pass. Powders can be inducted into the hopper from bulk bags (or 50 lbs bags) with essentially zero dust.

My application requires wetting and dispersing various stabilizers, flavors, milk/whey powders, gums, and sweeteners. How can I do this without entraining air in my product?
VacuShear vacuum liqui-processor not only inducts and disperses powders subsurface at 400 lbs/minute, it deaerates the batch with no dust and no product clinging to the insides of the tank. It features our Rotosolver disperser which meets 3-A standard #73-01 and completes the batch in 3-5 minutes after the last powders are inducted.

Safety is a huge production concern. How can Admix help us increase operator safety at our plant?
The Fastfeed powder induction system provides powder induction and dispersion from the safety of floor level. Not only does this flagship product produce smooth, uniform, lump-free product, it proactively addresses plant safety and ergonomic concerns.

How can I reduce ongoing batch mixer maintenance?
The Rotosolver high shear mixer uses only 10 HP in a 400-gallon mix tank compared to 25-40 HP for a conventional bottom impeller tank mixer. With no wear parts in the product zone, the Rotosolver runs for years with zero maintenance costs. It is clean-in-place and meets 3-A standard #73-01.

I'm tired of entrained air in my process. How can I avoid long batch times and inconsistent batches associated with recirculation loops?
The Fastfeed system consistently inducts and disperses powdered and liquid ingredients directly to your final blend tank in a single pass.

How do I disperse hard-to-wet powders that fisheye, agglomerate and raft on the top of my vessel?
The Rotosolver high shear mixer combines both high flow and high shear to eliminate fisheyes and agglomerates. It is clean-in-place and meets 3-A standard #73-01.

We're developing new formulas and considering a different production method. Does Admix offer benchtop testing equipment?
Yes. Our BenchMix high shear lab mixer can be configured with Rotomixx, Rotosolver and Rotostat heads for the greatest flexibility and accurate scale-up to full production. We're so confident in our scale-up methods that we provide a process assurance warranty with every mixer we install.