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Today's dairy processors produce more products than ever before, often requiring two aisles in the grocery store to present their full range of products. Dairy production involves vitamin and mineral fortification, milk solids content control, salt and sugar dissolution, and emulsification.

The innovative design of our dairy mixing equipment like the DynaShear, FastfeedRotosolver, and Boston Shearmill enables dairy producers around the world to cut batch times in half, reduce maintenance costs, and eliminate air entrainment and dusting associated with conventional batch mixers.

Featured Dairy Equipment and Services

DynaShear inline mixer - this system's design enables you to prevent premature plate heat exchanger burn-on, clogged strainers, and mid-day flushouts or mini-CIPs resulting from undispersed ingredients and stabilizers. Install the Admix DynaShear two-stage high speed disperser immediately upstream of the HTST balance tank to guarantee no agglomerates or fisheyes. See how it works and get a free quote today.

Fastfeed powder induction system - if you need 100% dispersion of proteins, gums, starches, vitamins, fiber, sweeteners, stabilizers, emulsifiers, flavors, and colors, look no further than the Fastfeed. This system instantly wets, disperses, and hydrates these popular ingredients in a single pass with no clumps or foam as it is filling your batch tank. Plus you get controlled feed rates up to 450 pounds per minute from the safety of floor level. See the latest Fastfeed video to learn how it can help your operations.

Admix pre-/post-sale services - whether you send us a sample for complimentary lab testing, unlimited on-site testing at your plant, or need an in-plant audit or spare parts, we're here to help. Before and after the sale, Admix has programs that allow you to test new ingredients, formulas, and applications and extend the life of your mixer in order to lower your total cost of ownership.

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See how Admix equipment and applications expertise can solve all your dairy processing challenges and improve your ROI.


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