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Presented by: Peter Leitner, VP Sales

Peter Leitner, VP Sales"Brine solutions are commonly found in poultry processing, bacon and ham cures, cheese processing and other related applications. A typical poultry or ham brine could contain numerous ingredients, with phosphates, dextrose, corn syrup, starches, soy protein, carrageenan, nitrites and sodium erythorbates the most common.

While some of these ingredients will dissolve relatively easily with moderate agitation, many (especially the hydrocolloids) require very intense agitation or preferably high shear mixers to dissolve them. When high shear mixers are operated within a brine mixture, very rapid dissolving of salt, phosphates, sugars and other "dissolvables" occurs. But more importantly in this case when high shear mixers are operated within brine mixtures, excellent dispersion of starches and all colloids also takes place, such that all "water binding" solids are rapidly hydrated and can quickly go to work in increasing yields and functionality.

Whereas phosphates can increase yields in processed meats by 30% to 40%, gums and hydrocolloids can improve that capability by an additional 15-20%, but quick and effective high shear mixing as offered by our Rotostat and Rotosolver lines are critical to their success."

The Fastfeed and Optifeed Sanitary Eductor Systems provide rapid introduction and wetting out of dry solids and/or liquid ingredients. The ergonomic system features a large hopper to feed your powders at ground level, and the venturi eductor quickly sucks the solids into the mix tank eliminating climbing.

Beyond the improved yields, our high shear mixers provide excellent chopping and dissolving of ice chips where ice is used to control the brine temperature. In addition, our high shear mixers prevent downstream clogging problems where brine is injected instead of tumbled. Brine solutions leaving our mix stations are typically under 5 microns in particle size, easily passing through all injection needles.

Having problems with yield, purge, clogged injectors or needles? Call us to request your free copy of "The Admix Primer on Brine and Marinade Mixing".

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