Admix Equipment | Rotosolver® CX – How It Works

Admix Equipment | Rotosolver® CX – How It Works

How Does The Rotosolver CX Work?

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The unique design of the Rotosolver produces high flow, in addition to high shear, resulting in batch process times that are much faster than conventional in-tank rotor/stator designs.

The Rotosolver mix head design generates four stages of mixing action for optimal for dispersion:

  1. Product flow is drawn into the mixing head from above and below. The resultant flow creates vigorous tank motion, pulling materials and powders from the top of the tank surface (typically the toughest to disperse), instantaneously exposing them to shear zones in the Rotosolver shear head, where these materials are mechanically ripped apart (dispersed).
  2. The two high-velocity, counter-current streams converge within the shear head, creating high turbulence and hydrodynamic shear.
  3. Pressure, created by the two streams, forces material out the side slots of the shear head, where the resulting radial streams are subjected to further mechanical shear, as material passes through the edges of the slots in the chamber wall.
  4. The high velocity radially discharged streams impact the slower moving tank flow for additional hydrodynamic shear and circulation, thus ensuring high flow, with no dead spots in the mix tank.