Admix Equipment | Rotomaxx™ III CX

Admix Equipment | Rotomaxx™ III CX

Rotomaxx III CX Low Speed Agitator

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The robust Rotomaxx III CX, with in‐line helical bevel gearmotor, known for their efficiency, is designed for the most demanding operating environments and industrial conditions for the chemical market. The modular design allows for multiple shaft diameter, gear ratio, and motor horsepower combinations with flex couplings between the motor/gearbox and gearbox/drive shaft to protect the gear drive from shock loads and dampen vibrations while isolating shaft bending moment and deflection loads from the torque loads on the gearbox.

Key Features

  • Tank volumes to 100,000+ gallons
  • Entire unit is designed for industrial chem‐duty environments
  • Premium, helical in-line gearmotors provide 20‐30% greater efficiency than conventional worm gears
  • 2.5” to 5.0” diameter impeller shaft
  • L10 bearing life of 100,000 hours
  • Synthetic lubrication in gearmotors
  • Up to 50 HP input
  • Output torque up to 30,000 in‐lbs with 1.25 service factor



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