Admix Equipment | Rotofoil® CX Specifications

Admix Equipment | Rotofoil® CX Specifications

Rotofoil CX Specifications

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Rotofoil impellers are custom manufactured and range in size from 200-3990mm. The Rotofoil’s geared motors range in size from 0.25 to 22kW, 800rpm – 10rpm.

This table shows an example of an actual mixing job performed by a pitch blade turbine, a marine type propeller, and a Rotofoil.

Pitch Blade Turbine  Marine Propeller  Rotofoil 
 RPM  300  300  300
 Impeller Diameter  415mm  450mm  500mm
 Flow Rate  21.1 m/min  21.5 m/min  22.1 m/min
 Power draw  2.03kw  0.96kw  0.69kw
 Required shaft length  2500mm  2450mm  1500mm
 Required shaft diam  55mm  45mm  30mm
 Agitator weight  148kg  96kg  43kg
 Agitator purchase price factor  1.00  0.74  0.49
 Flow per kilowatt  10.4 m/min  22.4 m/min  32.0 /min

Batch size: 10 m3 | Viscosity: 50 mPa*s | Specific gravity: 1.1
Required flow rate: About 21 m3 per minute

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