Reducing maintenance woes with the Boston Shearmill

Contributed by Patrick Lakin

Recently a spray dry customer reached out to us noting that they were using a high pressure homogenizer for reduction of particle size and emulsification of slurries, but that it required a lot of maintenance. The customer wanted Admix to make their process more “fluid” and their life easier.


We proposed a Boston Shearmill (BSM) trial to see if it could replace the homogenizer. The customer found that the BSM did everything they wanted and more: it did it faster, with less energy, and with minimal maintenance.

What had been a process requiring three passes through their homogenizer at 2 GPM became a process requiring only a single pass through the Boston Shearmill at 6 GPM. They also started using the BSM as their transfer pump and took out a pump that was stuffing their homogenizer, which further simplified their process. 

Our customer’s life is now easier, and they’re now looking to Admix to solve other efficiency issues at their plant.
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