Reasons to Have a Spare Mixer

Written by Ken Young, Field Service Representative

Even the most robust of mixers can fail due to extreme circumstances, weak structural support, or lack of maintenance. While a mixer is repaired, it can potentially cause weeks or months of downtime depending on supply chain issues. Every day of lost productivity affects your bottom line.

The best solution to avoiding excessive downtime is to keep a spare mixer on hand, or at least crucial spare parts. A quick swap out will get you back up and running in no time. If you ship the mixer in need of repair to Admix, our Aftermarket team will assess it and have it rebuilt. The rebuild service includes a new one-year warranty on the mixer!

It is fair to say that buying a spare unit may seem like a costly investment. But in some cases, the money lost due to excessive downtime may add up to double or even triple the cost of what a spare mixer would cost, depending on the model. In addition, to help with cash flow, we offer financing to help conserve cash at the time of purchase. Contact our Aftermarket folks to discuss the details and keep you up and running!