Admix Equipment | Rapidex™ CX Specifications

Admix Equipment | Rapidex™ CX Specifications

Rapidex CX Specifications

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Low tip speed / low power consumption
The power consumption of any mixing impeller is a result of the following parameters:
1. viscosity and specific gravity of the mix.
2. diameter, rpm and power number of the impeller.

The parameters of the mix itself may be given, whereas two parameters of the impeller can be varied so as to obtain a certain impeller tip speed. The combination of the speed (rpm) and the impeller diameter results in the actual tip speed. A high tip speed requires high energy whereas a low tip speed will result in considerable energy savings. The table shows how the tip speed influences the power consumption of a Rapidex agitator.

ex. 1 ex. 2 ex. 3
 Batch size, m³  25  25  25
 Viscosity, mPa*s  50  50  50
 Specific gravity  1.1  1.1  1.1
 Impeller diam. mm  350  475  650
 Speed, RPM  965  379  158
 Tip speed, m/sec.  17.68  9.43  5.38
 Flow rate, m³/min.  27.20  26.68  27.57
 Power consump. kW  8.89  2.47  0.86

It is seen that the power consumption of example No. 3 is only one tenth of example No. 1, and the flow rate remains unchanged.
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