Trend watch: processing sucrose for clean label products

Having a “clean label” continues to capture the attention of health-conscious beverage consumers. 

And as consumer demand goes, so goes the market – the trend is now the rule.

As such, nutritive sweeteners in particular are a prevalent ingredient that remain in focus for processors. Our old “throwback” friend sucrose meets the clean label criteria and is gaining in popularity but can be problematic for beverage processors to efficiently incorporate into their batching protocol. Liquid sucrose sounds easy and convenient, but beverage processors’ constantly shifting production demands can make it difficult to ensure adequate availability when needed. 

And then there’s the pain of paying to transport 33% water.

Many of our clients have found that our Fastfeed powder induction and dispersion system is the answer to the granulated sucrose challenge. The ability to induct, wet, and dissolve sucrose from bulk bags at feed rates up to 450 lbs/min allows them to batch this valuable ingredient “on demand”  like any other powder. 

When inducting sucrose into water as a batch tank is being filled, wouldn’t it be great to cut batch times by up to 50%? The Fastfeed powder induction system also allows for small additions of sucrose by manual dumping bags from the safety of floor level into the Fastfeed hopper at waist height.

Contact us today to put an end to the throwback struggle with granulated sucrose incorporation!