Process Improvement for Ready To Drink Latte Manufacturer

Written by Jerry Baresich, Hygienic Market Manager, Admix, Inc.

Reduction in processing time… the goal of all manufacturers, besides excellent product quality!


A manufacturer of ready to drink iced “draft” latte beverages contacted us for an equipment solution that would reduce their processing time. Their specialty latte beverage was manufactured in batches using an air mixer for blending/mixing of the various liquids and powders.

The Problem:  Long batch times (45 minutes for the incorporation of the final ingredient – acacia gum) with agglomerates (reducing quality).

The Solution: We recommended running their product through our Dynashear® high shear mixer. Today, with just a single pass through this speedy emulsifier, full hydration and deagglomeration are instantly achieved. Instead of mixing for the additional full 45 minutes, product passes once through the Dynashear then right on to the filler, reducing overall batch time by over 75%!

The Payoff: The reduction in processing time paid for the Dynashear in no time. The spare time increased their capacity for making more batches to meet high demands for this popular iced latte!

Before buying the Dynashear, this customer wanted to set up a two-week on-site trial so they could spend some time trying out different operating speeds and narrow down an optimal operating speed for their product. We shipped it off to them and after a successful trial, they ended up purchasing the unit! Contact us about on-site trials or testing your ingredients with a virtual / interactive lab test from our equipment lab.