Process Assurance Guarantee

Written by Patrick Lakin, National Sales Manager

When about to purchase new equipment, wouldn’t it be reassuring to get a manufacture’s guarantee that the equipment you’re about to buy will perform as expected for your exact application – in addition to a standard mechanical warranty?

At Admix, we do just that with our Process Assurance Program – it is our guarantee that our equipment will do the job for which we recommend it, based on accurate data from you, followed by analysis performed according to one of the following:

A) Admix will test your formulation on true scale benchtop or pilot plant mixers at our lab facility and scale to your production needs or,

B) Admix, or one of its authorized factory-trained technical Sales Reps, will conduct a small-scale demonstration at your facility on your exact formulation and provide a proposal with complete and accurate scale up criteria, or

C) Admix will utilize our experience of applying certain equipment to similar processes and provide a proposal specific to your requirements.

If the Admix product fails in accomplishing the job for which we recommended it in the Process Assurance Proposal, we will modify the equipment or provide an alternate model to perform as specified, with the purchase price of the original model applied toward the purchase of the alternate model. Lastly, if modifying or replacing the equipment is not successful in performing the application as originally guaranteed, we will refund the original purchase price upon receipt of the unit! Your success is our success, so doing all that we can to ensure your complete satisfaction is our priority!