Why Preventative Maintenance For Your Mixer Is Important

Written by Tom Ingersoll, Regional Sales Manager, Chemical Market

Just as important as staying hydrated, rested, and healthy, so is the regularly scheduled recommended maintenance on your mixer. Preventive maintenance minimizes the risk and cost of unexpected failures and down time, and greatly increases the mixer’s performance and reliability.

If your PM game is lacking, or even if you just have questions about Admix mixers, reach out to our aftermarket professionals for guidance. They can help you check the most critical components, as well as identify areas where problems can occur.

For your convenience, our well-trained field service team can travel to your facility to service and or repair your mixers on-site, train key personnel, and prepare a list of crucial parts to keep on hand to minimize down time.

Your Admix mixers are a critical part of your process, and we are always prepared to help keep you up and running! Contact our aftermarket team to discuss the details and pricing on maintenance for your mixing equipment.