Admix Equipment | PIC™ System

Admix Equipment | PIC™ System

PIC Atmospheric Feed System with worktable

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Powder Induction Model PIC250The PIC powder induction system provides rapid introduction and wetting out of dry solids and/or liquid ingredients. Using the venturi principle to create superior suction of dry or liquid materials, the PIC system utilizes an ergonomic waist-high hopper for the addition of all ingredients required in the mix and processes 50-200 pounds per minute depending on system settings and process conditions.

Additional process benefits include:

  • Reduced operator injury
  • Reduced accidents
  • Fast ingredient addition
  • Reduced mix times
  • Improved yields

Compare our powder induction models for all your ergonomic high viscosity, and shear requirements or get a free customized quote today from one of our skilled application engineers.



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