Our Lab is Your Lab!

Written by Patrick Lakin, National Sales Manager

It’s all about you! Well, it’s also about your process, your product, your people, and your profitability. Everything we do at Admix is geared toward helping you improve your profitability, and we can prove it to you in the Admix pilot plant and analytical lab.

If you’re experiencing inefficient mixing and want to improve your mixing process or want to develop a new process, why not start by taking advantage of our free lab services? We’re pleased to mix your ingredients using our high shear mixers, powder induction & dispersion systems, or inline mixing and milling equipment.

We have capability to run batch volumes as small as 1 gallon or as large as 200 gallons, and we’ll perform the analysis you need for your product using a variety of instruments and methods. With Admix solutions, what we do in the lab is reproducible, fully scalable, and any new equipment you get from Admix as a result of successful lab testing comes with a process assurance warranty.

Our lab services team delivers hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge of countless ingredients used across a variety of industries. We’ve helped thousands of food, beverage, dairy, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical manufacturers solve their mixing challenges, with each application getting personalized attention from experienced scientists and engineers, creative design staff, and a quality-conscious production team to ensure success.

Our mantra is, “our lab is your lab.” You are always welcome to visit in person and participate in testing, or simply send us ingredients and instructions and we’ll provide a full report and video if desired. We’d be excited to show you Admix’s technology at work and look forward to hearing how we can help you.