Mixing Xanthan Gum into Herbicides & Insecticides

Written by Patrick Lakin, National Sales Manager

A manufacturer of herbicides and insecticides tried a number of different top-mounted mixers for mixing Xanthan gum, but could not find anything that would disperse the gum effectively. Their batches were left with fisheyes and undispersed solids that had to be filtered out, resulting in wasted ingredients and money.

After seeing our video that featured mixing Xanthan gum, they wanted to learn more. A short phone conference led to sending their ingredients to the Admix lab for mix-testing in our Rotosolver high shear mixer. As we do with most of our lab tests, they requested that we:

• test the Xanthan at different percentages (from 3-5%)
• send video of the tests so they could see exactly how the Rotosolver performed on their product
• send them samples from each test so their lab technicians could evaluate the quality

The herbicide / insecticide manufacturer was very impressed that the samples were smooth and fisheye-free. Upon sending us their tank dimensions, we were able to provide a 100% guaranteed scale-up from the lab tests. They immediately placed an order for a Rotosolver mixer and haven’t looked back.

Seeing is believing and we are pleased to offer our customers access to our equipment lab either in person or via video. If you’d like to test out our in-tank or inline mixers whether it’s for a better solution for gum dispersion or any other application, contact Admix!